Group Therapies

A series of complete independent experiential workshops on the release of psychological well-being, lasting 8 hours, which are accompanied by the innovative psychology – based Expansion Method, with improved Life Coaching tools.

Types of Expansion Workshops:

Improving Interpersonal Relationships
Improving Career-Economic Goals
Improving Health Through the Best Psychological Well-Being

Main benefits for the participants:

Release from the core of anger and fear.

Unprecedented sense of immediate emotional reinforcement.

Restoration of positivity and appetite for life.

Improvement in all main aspects of life: career, relationships, finances.

Adopting realistic targets and undertaking actions to achieve those targets.

Enriching knowledge of liberating Greek philosophy values: wisdom and virtue.

Find out more about Expansion Workshops

The Human Evolution Center is the only centre which provides the Expansion Workshops. Find out more, hold the workshops in your own space or reserve your place at the next workshop and see your life transform, liberated from toxic emotions and restrictive beliefs.