Therapist Certification


ertification is aimed at graduates of Mental Health departments and is issued by the International Council of Expansion Method only to those who have completed the specialised training at one of the partner educational institutions.

Therapy professionals have the right to use the Expansion Method as the main or supplementary method of treatment, enhancing the services they offer their clients and providing immediate effective treatment of a high perceived and actual value.

Once obtained, certification is valid for a specific amount of time – two (2) years – for those who successfully pass the knowledge assessment exams conducted by the Expansion Method Council. To renew invalid certifications it is necessary to examine the therapist’s updated knowledge.

Benefits of Certification

Certified therapists have the right to use the Expansion Method professionally.

They can use the method during their sessions as a main or supplementary tool.

They strengthen their professional practice with all the individual tools of the Method, choosing the most appropriate according to their needs.

They enjoy life long learning and professional development.

They keep up with fast-changing times and stay informed of developments in their field.

They develop their business through promotional tools and actions which accompany the method.

They have the right to participate in research programs related to the method.

They have the right to participate in all the charitable activities of the Expansion Method Council.