he speeches and presentations relating to the Expansion Method constitute a reference point for the scientific community and an excellent way to understand and disseminate the method among interested organisations or individuals. Below you can see some examples of presentations by members of the ICEM to the general public or a specialised audience. If you represent a scientific body or other related organisation and wish to inform your members or audience about Expansion Method, please contact us. You can watch the speeches below on our Vimeo.

Recommended speeches from our Members

1. Presentation of Expansion Method: the fastest psychology-based method of emotional release.

2. Expansion Method and Cancer: Presentation of findings and ongoing research.

3. Emotional release and improving interpersonal relationships.

4. How to find the perfect partner.

5. Crisis and Depression. The Expansion Method as an immediate solution.

6. Improving psychological well-being during the economic crisis.

7. Improving my love life.

8. Dealing with an end (separation, death).