Our Values


he International Council of Εxpansion Method (ICEM) was created with the aim of contributing to the progress of scientific knowledge and to the development and dissemination of psychology – based methods which improve people’s daily lives. It is an organisation with a modern outlook that combines scientific curiosity and passion for progress in knowledge with full respect for humanistic principles and values.

Person: Everything we study, plan or develop aims at improving people’s daily lives. People’s needs, desires and expectations are what guides us.

Trust: We aim for all of our relationships to be long-term and based on trust. This trust is based on respect and care towards others, either in terms of dealing with a partner institution, organisation or an individual person with whom we collaborate in our research and therapy activities.

Contribution: We participate whole-heartedly in actions which promote scientific knowledge to become widely-available to citizens all over the world who may need access to it.

Progress: We are continuously improving the Expansion Method both in terms of its content and the way in which it is taught and applied. We follow international technological developments and incorporate modern teaching methods and tools which foster direct contact and interaction with the public.

Freedom: We respect a person’s right to determine their own future. We attempt to help them become conscious creators of their reality.