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he International Council of Expansion Method (ICEM) is a non-profit organisation which aims to support the research, study and dissemination of the innovative psychology-based Expansion Method. It was established in 2009 by Argyris Mardas Stravelakis and a number of collaborating academics, scientists and therapists recording an upturn both in terms of the size of the organisation and its scientific achievements.

The vision which defines the path of the ICEM is “to offer people tools and information which will help them to release their potential, to fulfil their expectations and to live a full daily life in all aspects. In a word, to live a truly happy life!”

The International Council of Expansion Method (ICEM) is responsible for the development of educational programmes and certifying the knowledge and skills of all those who use the Expansion Method professionally (therapists, educators, educational institutions etc) or individually for therapeutic purposes.

Only certified educational institutions can provide the specialised training needed for the Expansion Method. Find out about the collaborating educational institutions as well as the certifications of the Expansion Method.