Expansion Method at the National Bank.

Expansion Method, through Argyris Mardas, presented the seminar “Work Stress Relief with the Expansion Method” at the General Assembly of the Scientific Staff Association of NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE on Saturday 17 March at 17:00 in the afternoon at AMALIA Hotel. .

The invitation was made by the president of the club Mr. Evangelos Droulia and the secretary Mr. Nikos Lavida. They discussed the impact of work-related stress on our health and everyday life. The National Bank’s scientific staff showed their interest with questions that were answered in full. Expansion Method programs for companies, such as workshops to reduce work-related stress, were presented.

Argyris S. Marda at the end of the speech said:

“It was a great experience to discuss vital issues with the bank’s scientists, we learned the problems they were facing and gave them tools that helped them manage Work Anxiety. I thank the chairman of the club Mr. Evangelos Drolias and Mr. Nikos Lavidas for the invitation I am convinced that work can be enjoyable without stress, helping to improve the quality of our lives. Work is not a job. With Expansion Method we can translate our work experience into the energy of the new, happy life. “


It was decided that cooperation will continue with other speeches and workshops.