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he innovative nature of the Expansion Method is based on the simplified introduction of complicated psychological concepts. Through cooperation between modern scientists, the combining of all approaches in psychology as well as the use of pioneering technology in applying the method, Expansion provides the fastest and most immediate way of releasing emotional trauma and restrictive beliefs.

There are four new tools incorporated into the method maximising its effectiveness:

1. Immediate Emotional Connection with the Toxic Primary Experience

With this new tool, the primary core toxic experience that created the behavioural pattern and restrictive belief is brought to the forefront of the patient’s consciousness.

2. Targeted Liberating Creative Visualisation

Combines the endless possibilities of Transcendental Meditation with Ancient Greek Philosophy forming a Creative Visualisation which enables immediate release of core toxic emotions.

3. Character Re-Programming

By eradicating the base of the restrictive beliefs, we re-program the patient’s character to its best version using Life Coaching, NLP Coaching and Affirmations incorporated into the Expansion Method.

4. Emotional Reinforcement

We return both the power and responsibility of the therapy to the hands of the patient giving him/her the capacity to learn to apply the method to themselves and to use it whenever they feel it is necessary.

The psychologist and psychotherapist Georgia Chatzinikolaou completed the first study of the Expansion Method on the bases of the method in psychology and the results of the research, which was conducted in 2015. Go to the LINK in ‘Media’ to learn more about the method in depth; the document is in pdf format.