Individual Τherapies

Individual therapies are offered in two (2) different ways depending on the needs of the patient: a) Therapeutic application, b) Educational application. Both types of the Expansion Method make good use of its innovative characteristics, offering immediate results in one-hour seminars over three (3) consecutive days.

Description of Expansion Method Sessions:


We set a target we want to achieve, we discover what prevents us from achieving this target and we find the real reason hidden in the core emotions.

Second day (RELEASE)

We release the core toxic emotions which prevent us from achieving our target and we immediately experience the ‘Creative Gap’ which is left by the release of the aforementioned emotions.


We plan certain steps to improve our quality of life, reinforcing our personality. There is the option to include an energising treatment lasting a few minutes.

Features and Benefits of the Different Applications (Therapeutic, Educational):


Immediate release of toxic emotions

Immediate improvement of stress and anxiety levels

Immediate emotional strengthening

Improvement in quality of life (Career-Health-Relationships)

Provided only by psychologists

Provided by all types of therapists

Contains energising therapy (optional)

Psychology-based approach and creation of therapeutic relationship

Provides theoretical training of the method

Possibility for patient to learn to self-apply the method*

Therapeutic Application

Educational Application

*Requires the purchase of the Personal Use Online Course from Frilie

Therapeutic Application

Entirely therapeutic approach aimed at meeting the targets set by the patient. Offered by: Certified counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health counsellors.

Educational Application

Experiential educational approach which aims to resolve problems and to teach the method as a form of self-therapy. Offered by: Certified counsellors, various types of therapists.

Learn More About Expansion Workshops

The Human Evolution Centre is the only centre which provides Expansion Workshops. Learn more about these workshops, hold them in your own space or reserve your place at the next experiential workshop and see your life transform, liberated from toxic emotions and restricting beliefs.