rom 2009 until the end of 2016 the ICEM has provided 473 free personal applications for research purposes and implemented more than 70 informative seminars, 25 of which were online. To disseminate the method and attain social responsibility goals, the ICEM has provided more than 50,000 free personal re-programming tools and created 35 videos for the reinforcement of psychological well-being through the program “Social Reinforcement Actions” of the not-for-profit organisation, Retake Your Power.

In 2013, the first research on the effectiveness of the Expansion Method was carried out by the psychologist and psychotherapist G. Chatzinikolaou in which the adequacy of the method, its therapeutic power and the benefits of its effects were proven.

A new, important research study is currently being carried out in collaboration with the Hellenic Senology Society, the findings of which are due to be presented at the International Senology Conference in 2018.

In 2016 the Expansion Method and the ICEM were awarded the Medal of Support for its overall contribution to cancer patients by Marianna Vardinoyianni and the association supporting children with cancer ‘Elpida’.

The validity of the method is demonstrated today through the number of international partners and its acceptance by the therapy community and the wider public, its development and adaptation to new conditions is continual.

On Friday the 2nd of December 2016, the ICEM President Argyris Mardas Stravelakis presented the Expansion Method to the Hellenic Senology Society and the School of Senology, and, together with the President of the Hellenic Senology Society, Dr Lydia Ioannidou Mouzaka, announced the start of their collaboration in researching and studying the benefits of the method in the treatment of breast-related health problems.