Description & Benefits


he Expansion Method is a new, innovative method which leads to immediate improvement of psychological well-being. Combining the most modern, practical and quick scientific techniques, it offers an holistic and measurable improvement in quality of life. The positive effects on one’s well-being are apparent from the first time of applying the method, making it exceptionally effective and guaranteeing it a place at the peak of scientific development.

The targeted approach of the Expansion Method gets to the core of a person’s personality and manages to free him/her from toxic feelings and restrictive beliefs. The results are immediate since the recipients replace the negative effects with powerful motives to improve the quality of their lives thus spurring them to take action to change their daily life.

Each implementation of the method occurs in one-hour sessions over three consecutive days and may function both on an educational and therapeutic level, familiarising the recipients with the techniques of Expansion so that they can apply the method themselves in the future.

To summarise, the main benefits of Expansion are:

Targeted Approach
Fast Results
Self-Improvement Know-How

The method consists of three (3) distinguishable steps:

1. Understanding

Aims to recognise long-term practical problems and to discover the basic “core” beliefs and restrictive experiences which feed those problems.

2. Release

Aims to get rid of core toxic emotions.

3. Reinforcement

Encourages the creation of new beliefs in order to replace those that were recognised as problematic.

Download the study and research by the psychologist and psychotherapist Georgia Chatzinikolaou on the results of the Expansion Method and its foundations in psychology.