Approved Educational Institutions


ind approved educational institutions, guidance and preparation for the professional certification exams from the ICEM. We collaborate with organisations from all over the world specialised in providing high quality services with main focus on improving people’s daily lives. We guide our partners in building complete educational programs and other services related to the Expansion Method. We provide approved educational material, ensure their knowledge is kept up-to-date and we check and certify the services provided so that the high standards of the ICEM are safeguarded.

See below for the list of partner organisations, bodies and enterprises. If there is no partner organisation available in your area, please contact us for online support and further information.

Human Evolution Center

The Human Evolution Center evolved from the Retake Your Power school, which since 2009 has provided full personal improvement educational services. In 2015 it was certified by the International Council of Expansion Method as a provider of educational programs for psychologists and therapists in the innovative psychology -based Expansion Method.

Hellenic Senology School

In April 2009, the Hellenic Senology Society founded and continues to operate the Hellenic School of Senology, which provides complete multidisciplinary education to doctors who have a particular interest in senology, regardless of the branch of medicine in which they practise. As part of the educational programme, the Expansion Method is taught.